Ten Five things I hate about modern fiction.

I’ve never thought of myself as picky or overly difficult to please, although my nearest and dearest might laugh at this. I love to read. Like I LOVE to read, it’s like breathing. The problem here of course is running out of material. Like the apostle Paul (might have) said … Continue reading


I reserve the right to change at any time, random wording of my blog posts, which will mostly come in the form of informative PS. format. You are welcome in advance cuz..nope can’t do it. Cause. HATE that too. Because sometimes I have to fix stuff and until I achieve … Continue reading

Beginning book #2

I’m using a totally new! and improved! approach to start another project. Instead of rushing straight in not knowing where I’m headed except for the last page- and scrapping the whole thing 40k words in to start over, I’m making detailed outlines and spreadsheets. We shall see if this is … Continue reading