About Shiny Kitten Stickers

I was born and raised out on the fringes of the rainy Pacific Northwest on fishing boats and cold beaches with only a dog and kittens for company, and so my love of reading and creating stories started very early.

My dad would illustrate my early stories and I would listen to him ramble about European history and warfare, eagerly asking questions about Kings, Queens and our own family history.

In my adult life I am wife to a brilliant and hilarious web designer and mother to two wonderfully weird children whom I am trying to pass on to my love of learning about the world.

During the last two years I finally turned my life-long urge to write into a serious endeavor and finished my first novel about dystopia on another world. While I finish cleaning up the edges on my novel and before I send it out into the world, I’ve lately begun a novel about utopia, this time on Earth.

I’m finally living up to the nerdy book-worm title my family ‘lovingly’ pinned on me from the time I was small, and finally doing that one thing I feel like I was born to do. Cliche and silly? Yes! True anyways? Yes!

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  1. I had to smile reading this. ?

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