The Bike. Or: How I failed to ride even a mile

The number one sign you’ve sat in front of the computer playing Civilization V all winter is when you try to ride a bike for a mile and a half, on a flat road, and spectacularly crash (my energy for life) and burn (all my muscles) after only a third of the distance.

I’ve got you this time Rome

To be fair to myself, I hadn’t eaten since four hours before at 7:30 AM when I had a protein shake, lots of water, and about three cups of iced coffee. Next, the real problem is that I can’t work a garage bike pump properly and two blocks into my ride, happily dressed like I actually exercise and inspiring music in my ears; the tires were halfway deflated and every single pump felt like torture. It was too late to turn back, besides I knew not too far away at the gas station was an air thingy.

Well I never made it past the gas station. When I got there, everything hurt. My legs hurt, my chest hurt, my arms were shaking but that might have been the butt-ton of coffee. My husband generously offered to come get me, and I graciously accepted. I looked so pathetic sitting there with water bottles, spilled quarters and an ‘I’ve given up on life’ expression that a nice lady asked if I was okay and if I needed a ride anywhere. To top it off when we got in the car and went to pull out, a plump little old lady rode by on the exact same type of bike as mine and waved merrily. I think there’s animals that are better at bicycles.

The sheep is biding his time

It’s been a tough time for me. I’ve heard things like ‘Pull yourself together woman’, and ‘You just need to ride it regularly’. I’m ripping up my to-do list today, I have to recuperate. On the bright side my husband said I looked good in my ‘workout’ gear, so it wasn’t a TOTAL loss 😀

About Deanne

I was born and raised out on the fringes of the rainy Pacific Northwest on fishing boats and cold beaches with only a dog and kittens for company, and so my love of reading and creating stories started very early. My dad would illustrate my early stories and I would listen to him ramble about European history and warfare, eagerly asking questions about Kings, Queens and our own family history. In my adult life I am wife to a brilliant and hilarious web designer and mother to two wonderfully weird children whom I am trying to pass on to my love of learning about the world. I'm an amateur genealogist, amateur photographer and amateur history major haha. I'm good at doing amateur stuff lol. During the last couple years I finally turned my life-long urge to write into a serious endeavor and finished my first novel called (for now) The Stone and the Stars, about a dying dystopian society, and one girl trying to escape it before it collapses. While I finish cleaning up the edges on my novel for the umpteenth time, and before I send it out into the world, I've lately begun a novel about utopia, this time on Earth. I'm finally living up to the nerdy book-worm title my family 'lovingly' pinned on me from the time I was small, and finally doing that one thing I feel like I was born to do. Cliche and silly? Yes!
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  1. Thanks for commenting Alex. The problem is that I’ve read several series (Sword of Truth and WoT incl), several times through, but didn’t write a review at the time and anything I write by simply flipping through the pages for a refresher is a bit of a cheat. And a bit of pure laziness that I need to sort out immediately. I’m sorta waiting until the next time I inevitably read certain books again 🙂 I did just finish Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss for the second time, I’ll be sure to blog before I pick up my next book… 🙂

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