The Flood Tide (Morland Dynasty 9): by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles


Possibly not a great spot to begin reviewing in the middle of these books, but I may get a chance to recap the first eight, and I will definitely still be reading them going forward so- shrug. If you want, stop now and get the first book “The Founding”. These books are addictive and I’m insatiable for them!

“The Flood Tide” was the ninth book of the Dynasty series following the Morland family and their wide-spread branches, all placed to encapsulate history as it happened. The Morland estate is now run by Jemima -daughter of Jemmy from book 8- and the love of her life Allan during the years leading up to and through the American Revolution.


As always, branches of the family that were placed several books ago are now in a position to tell the story from America, and France as well during this time. Jemima isn’t the most engaging character, but per usual in the Dynasty books, much of the story engages her various children, the cousins; and as a result succeeds again in covering life, death, love, loss, growing up and growing old. Yes, all in one book, pretty much every time. Also as usual, only some of the characters are likable, some never redeem themselves, while others find what they are looking for at last. Not knowing how each person’s story will spin out is one of the great draws to these books. I never know where I might find heartache and loss or a great love that spans decades.

“The Flood Tide” (besides Jemima at Morland Place) centers on Thomas Morland, a British naval commander who leaves his young wife behind on the shores of Britain uncertain if their marriage can survive; Charles who marries ‘love at first sight’ into a plantation family in Virginia only to become desperately unhappy; and Henri who is an incurable ‘rake’ desperately looking for someone to fill the void inside, missing the answer that is right in front of him.

You can start anywhere in these books, but you shouldn’t. Even now as I read this one it’s really difficult to remember the characters from the past who have given life to the men and women of the ‘here and now’, and as a result it really gives you a sense of the span of time, and leaves a striking impression that no matter where we are in the stream of time- we are all experiencing the same things.

I’m really annoyed because I order about four of these at a time because I can’t help but read these way way too fast, and they come all out of order so I’ve got 12 and 11, but not 10! Until then…

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